July 30, 2018


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Camping Checklist

Hey there happy campers!! 

We have a pretty good feeling that a lot of you already enjoy the outdoors and likely have your camping game dialed in. However, there may be some people that just haven't gotten a chance to get out there yet. Perhaps you have young kids and think it might be too stressful to go camping with the littles.

You may worry about sleepless nights in tents, or the baby eating dirt or whatever else he finds on the ground, or poor weather. But we assure you, if you are well prepared, camping can be a breeze - and really, so much fun!

We all know that electronics are addictive and hard to put down, so camping with friends and family is a really great way to detox from all those electro-waves. If you have kids, you'll be able to really enjoy being present with them - and to be honest, that's really all they want from you, as a parent; undivided attention and play. 

Plus, getting our kids out into nature will give them a love for the outdoors - and in return we hope they will take care of our earth for many years to come.

Let us help you pack up for the long weekend - or any of the rest of the weekends in August for that matter, before the craziness of September begins again! Save this camping checklist and get packing for an amazing weekend of campfires, fresh air and tree bathing :) 

camping check list


Adventure on!

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