December 20, 2017

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The Great GORP Project
Box 1108
Niverville, Manitoba, Canada
R0A 1E0
Toll-free: 1-855-EAT GORP (328-4677)
Phone: 1-204-388-9649
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Merry Christmas from GORP!!

A heartfelt Merry Christmas to all of our awesome customers, vendors, retailers and GORP supporters!! We are nothing without you guys! Wishing you a Christmas and New Year filled with love, laughter and MANY adventures! We hope this GORP-y video brings a smile to your face… as we had SO much fun making it for you. (YES, that’s really us, no professional actors were hired…. Crazy, eh??) Seriously, love you all!!!!

1 Comment

LEOna Suderman
LEOna Suderman

May 09, 2018

Gonna try this. Looks great.

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