12-pk of The BEST little PEANUTS in the world - GORP Clean Energy Bar

Thanks so much for getting behind us in these crazy times! Proudly made in small batches with love on the Canadian prairies!

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12-pk of The BEST little PEANUTS in the world

$87.00 CAD $95.88 CAD

To help make shopping easier for the serious snackers in your life, we've created a 12-pack of The BEST little PEANUTS in the world!  Great for stocking stuffers and maybe a jar or two for yourself!  Comes with everything you see here.

Stick this little tub of macro crushing superheroes in your car to stay out of the drive-thru window, or keep them on your kitchen counter to ward off the after-work/pre-dinner pantry scrounge!  (We ALL do it!)  Incredibly satisfying old school, simple nutrition.  Keep your macros in check with healthy fats, a dose of protein and zero sugar!  Pretty simple you might be thinking...these are just peanuts...and you would be right.  We think they are THE BEST LITTLE PEANUTS IN THE WORLD!!

- 14 g of plant protein per 50 g serving

- Good fats to keep you satisfied without the sugar!

- Your BEST tool for crushing your macros and staying out of the drive-thru window! 


INGREDIENTS: Peanuts, Non-hydrogenated canola oil, Salt.


CONTAINER SIZE: 300g / 10.6oz