Donations & Sponsorships


Thank you for your interest in GORP Energy Bars!

Before you take the time to submit a sponsorship request, please read through the information below :)

We require all donation requests to be submitted on our form at least 90 days prior to any related event.

Are you looking to become a GORP Ambassador or Influencer? Please head to our Ambassador Page Here.

When we look at requests for donations, we consider the following:

GORP Community

You may or may not fit into these categories, but you are welcome to submit your request anyway! These are, however, the categories we are most passionate about!

All accepted applicants will be notified by email. We make every effort to notify everyone, but due to the large number of requests, we may not get back to you if we are unable to sponsor your event or donate.

All requests are for an 'In-kind' donation. That means we donate in GORP bars only. We think GORP tastes better than cash anyway :)


Terms of Event Sponsorship:

1. Recognition as event sponsor with GORP Energy Bar logo on event website and all printed material.

2. Display GORP bar signage and banners at event (if applicable).

3. 2 Facebook / Instagram mentions with link to our Facebook / Instagram accounts AND to website.

4. GORP bar shout out at event!


Youth Team Sponsorships - Sorry guys! We just don't have enough bars to donate to all the awesome and hungry sports teams out there. If you're looking for pricing, contact us here.

Wedding Socials - Sorry love birds, we just can't keep up with all the super fun socials, and are unable to donate. However, a 4 bar taster pack on our website is affordable and would add some fun to any social prize!

Due to the growing number of donation & sponsorship requests that GORP receives, it may take time to process. We would really love to sponsor everyone that submits a request, and we try to be as generous as possible, however we do have a budget to stick to :) We appreciate everyone's fundraising and sponsorship efforts and even if we can't help out, we wish you all the success in what you're doing!


Submit a request on our 'Contact Us' page and include the following:

Date of Event / When required:


How much product, ideally:

Describe donation request: