Ellie Schwartz - GORP Athlete

Ellie Schwartz GORP Athlete

The summer of 2013, Ellie decided run the Mud Hero and the Dirty Donkey races. She was immediately hooked on the mud, the running, the adrenaline and the all around fun of Obstacle Racing!

When Mik asked me if I wanted to register for the Spartan Beast (after only competing in a couple mud runs), I said, "why the heck not!"

Ellie Schwartz Inspiration

A peek into Ellie's life:

Sport: OCR

Born in: 1993

Favourite GORP Flavour: apple and raspberry! 

Why GORP? My body and my mind have not always gotten along. My mind may want something; want to be able to do something that my body won’t allow it to do. I found that one of the strongest ways to connect the two was by using physical activity and nutrition. Finding GORP bars was like a breath of fresh air, finally a bar that I can eat and pronounce all the words on the ingredient list, not only can I pronounce them all, I know what they all are! GORP fuels my mind, body, and taste buds to keep doing the things that I love.

My Hero: My hero is my Mom, she is a force to be reckoned with. Between managing my big busy family, fueling my love of the outdoors, and working to change the world she is someone who is a role model to many.

If you could be an animal: A Raven. Ravens are powerful, creative, intuitive, fast and mysterious. In many cultures the Raven signifies knowing one’s self inside and out and staying true to who you are, something that I believe in very strongly.

I'm happiest when: When I am moving, when I am outdoors, when I am with people I love and care about, when I am well rested, or when I am enjoying a good glass of wine.

My favourite meal is: Pretty much all food. But I love fruit. Apples, watermelon, cherries and blueberries are at the top of that list.

In my bag: A hair brush, my wallet, keys, the headache kit from Saje, coconut cream eos lip cream, hand lotion, GORP and gum!

Quote I love: The most beautiful things in life are built through the deepest hardships.

I wind down by: reading, doing yoga, going for walks, sitting outside.

Proudest accomplishment: I have cold urticaria. Essentially an allergy to being active while there is cold air or a breeze. So taking this head on and not letting it dictate whether or not I could be active and be outside was a really big deal for me. I did as much research as I could and a lot of trial and error over the last three years. Through all of this I found ways to be doing what I love and not letting this allergy take me down. So I was really proud of myself for not letting something that felt like it could crush my world take me down. 

Favourite place in the world: There is no way to choose just one. I have favourite moments that happen in certain places. My boyfriends cabin, Vancouver, London England, and hopefully many more! 

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