Emma Gray - GORP Athlete

Emma Gray GORP Athlete

18-year-old Athlete Emma Gray was first introduced to rowing a little more than a year ago. Born and raised in Winnipeg, Emma tried a multitude of sports including tackle football, taekwondo and Olympic weightlifting before falling in love with rowing. The sport found Emma last year when Rowing Canada identified her as having Olympic-level potential through Row to Podium testing done at her high school.

Emma Gray Mantra


Fastest ranked Jr female sculler in Canada.
Finalist at 2016 Women's Henley Regatta, Jr. Canadian Team (2x), 2k and 6k National Junior Womens erg records. 
Gold 2016 Reading Regatta
Gold 2015 Western Canada Summer Games 
Gold 2015 North West International Rowing Association - Junior  
3rd 2015 National Rowing Championships - Junior  
Deans medal (academic excellence w/ extraordinary extra-curricular achievements) 

A peek into Emma's Life:

Profession: Engineering student

Born in: 1998

Favourite GORP Flavour: Peanut Butter and Raspberry!!!!! Tastes like a PB&J sandwich.

Why GORP? GORP is great for between sessions or when you need a nutrition punch but don’t have enough time to digest a full meal. Also a great balanced snack when I have a full class and training schedule, just shove one in my mouth as I’m running from one thing to the next and I’m set; helps keep me fuelled through the day so I’m not dead by the time the next session rolls around.

Your Inspiration: I am not inspired by one single person alone but rather the abundance of remarkable people in my life and throughout the history of the world. To me a hero is anyone who is so invested in something for a greater purpose than themselves; that they continue on their path regardless of their fear, discomfort, apprehension, doubts because they know their quest affects more than just themselves.

Pre-game music: Anything with a motivational message, not to aggressive or intense otherwise I get to hyped up and loose focus!

I'm happiest when: I tend to be blind sided with moments of utter happiness. The random little things in life, subtleties and overall energies from people and things around me, they just remind me how truly remarkable the world we live is and how lucky I am to have my place in it, these realizations make me truly happy to be alive. I’m content with my life day in and day out, I truly enjoy it.

My favourite meal is: anything with rice!

On my day off: watch movies, hang with my fam and friends, catch up on chores and try and do one thing different that I never have time to do during the week, just to keep things interesting.

In my bag: Food, notebooks, lacrosse ball, electrical tape, wrenches, seat pad, speed coach, and head phones.

My philosophy is: Nothing extraordinary is every achieved through being ordinary.

I wind down by: a soft hoodie, cup of tea and good book or listening to music.

Proudest accomplishment: No single moment sticks out at me. My proudest accomplishment is probably the person I’ve become despite my many emotional and mental struggles throughout my life, I never give up and always keep going. I’m not one for material accomplishments; I’m a big picture kinda girl.

Most awkward party trick: me being at a party is awkward enough


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