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GORP is pumped to be a part of the Garneau Easton Cyclocross team! It is an AWESOME sport to watch, and the team is an amazing group of people. 

Congratulations to Michael van den Ham for being named the Canadian Cyclocrosser of the Year, by Pedal Magazine!!

Here's a peek into their lives:

Mike: Cycling Coach
Craig: Marketing Manager
Natasha: Buyer's Assistant 
Gunnar: Student

Favourite GORP Flavour:

Mike: Peanut Butter Apple. I share my other GORP Bars from time to time, I don't share those ones. 
Craig: PB & Raspberry
Natasha: Peanut Butter and Raspberry
Gunnar: Peanut Butter and Apple

Your Inspiration:
Mike: My grandpa
Natasha: My parents
Gunnar: Sven Nys

What got you into the sport:
Craig: Growing up in a small town I biked everywhere as a kid and mountain bikes quite a bit but first got into racing while attending UVic.

If you could be an animal:

Craig: Hawk, because flying would be amazing and I want to be the hunter, not the hunted.

Mike: A cat, hands down. I look at our cat, Kona, napping when I am supposed to go out training or too work can't help but be envious. 

Natasha: a Leopard or any form of cat!

Gunnar: Chipmunk!

Pre-game music:
Mike: Lately it’s been Macklemore but usually I pretend to be cooler than I am and listen to something Indie. 
Natasha: techno, dance mix music or any playlist my husband decides to make for me
Gunnar: Anything upbeat.

I'm happiest when: 
Mike: A coffee shop stop on my easy bike ride days. Especially if I’ve managed to convince my wife to come along. 

Natasha: I'm training

Gunnar: I'm cycling!

My favourite meal is: 
Mike: Homemade pizza. Preferably with pear, walnuts, a white sauce, honey drizzle, brussel sprouts, and some prosciutto. 

Natasha: Breakfast, Oatmeal and fruit 

Gunnar: Lots of Food. Ratatouille!

On my day off: 
Mike: Day off? 

In my bag: 
Mike: I don’t think you want me to list everything here: A million pieces of cycling clothing, about 10 pairs of different weight gloves, GORP bars, helmet, tools, tire pressure gauge, and 2 pairs of cycling shoes just to hame a few things! 

Natasha: GORP Bars!

Gunnar: Helmet, Shoes, GORP.

Most Awkward Party Trick:

Gunnar: Ear Twitching... lol



Major Taylor Cross Cup

1st - Gunnar Holmgren (UCI Junior Men Day 1)

1st - Gunnar Holmgren (UCI Junior Men Day 2)


Ruts ’N Guts UCI C1/C2

3rd - Michael van den Ham (UCI Elite Men C1)

6th - Michael van den Ham (UCI Elite Men C2)

9th - Craig Richey (UCI Elite Men C1)

17th - Craig Richey (UCI Elite Men C2)


Resolution Cross Cup UCI C2/C2

2nd - Michael van den Ham (UCI Elite Men Day 2)

3rd - Michael van den Ham (UCI Elite Men Day 1)

6th - Craig Richey (UCI Elite Men Day 2) 

7th - Craig Richey (UCI Elite Men Day 1)




Our North American Season by the Numbers 

- 1 National Championships

- 1 Podium at the Pan Am Championships 

- 2 UCI Wins

- 2 Provincial Championships Titles

- 11 UCI Podiums 

- 15 Victories in our local cyclocross races

- 25 UCI Top-10 Results 

- 80 Elite Men’s World Cup points (the most out of any North American Cyclocross team team) after the North American rounds of the World Cup


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