For all the health-nuts out there, this is where you can take a peek at all the good stuff we pack into our all-natural energy bars, and find out what each one will do for your body!

Extra Mile Ingredient Sourcing
Extra mile ingredient sourcing means that we don’t just price out the cheapest ingredients possible, throw them together, and call it an energy bar. You won’t find any high fructose corn syrup in our bars; instead we use honey that comes right off Manitoban fields. We found beautiful organic dark chocolate chips, not the cheap waxy versions. This is important to us because we are feeding our family these bars. We want to stand behind our products with pride, so we go the extra mile to source the freshest, highest-quality ingredients we can possibly find.

Click on our ingredients below to learn more about their impact and importance in our bars!

Brown Rice Syrup
Organic Cocoa
Organic Dark Chocolate Chips
Pea Fiber
Pumpkin Seeds
Sesame Seeds
Sprouted Brown Rice Protein
Sunflower Seeds