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Kaitlyn, along with her team, won the 2014 Winter Olympics Gold Medal for Women's Curling. GO KAITLYN!!

I love being challenged and finding ways to overcome obstacles that are placed in front of me, so I encourage people to embrace those tough moments and celebrate even the smallest of victories.

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2015- World Women’s Silver Medallist and Scotties Tournament of hearts Champion
2013- Olympic Trials Champion
All-Star 3rd at every National Scotties I have participated in (5) and on the Podium all 5 times.
2009 World Junior Silver Medallist and Canadian Junior Champion
2008 World Junior Bronze Medallist and Canadian Junior Champion
2007 University National Champion
9 time Provincial Champion
2003 Canada Winter Games Participant

A peek into Kaitlyn's life:

Profession: Community Ambassador for Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries IMPACT Team, Sales Representative for Goldline Curling Supplies, and Motivational Speaker

Born in: 1988

Favourite GORP Flavour: ALL OF THEM!!!!! Too hard to pick a favourite!

Why GORP? GORP is a major part of my packing essentials. Everywhere I go I can guarantee I will have at least one GORP bar handy. Whether it is for training, competition, travelling abroad, or a day to day snack, I can trust that GORP will fuel me with the proper nutrition my body needs! Best tasting bar around! PLUS it is local!! How lucky are we!

Your hero: I have 2. My #1 hero/inspiration is my dad. He passed away when I was 18. He is the reason I fell in love with this sport, and was my #1 Fan. He continues to inspire me as I chase my Olympic dreams! My other Hero/Inspiration is my teammates. They inspire me every day and because of that, they make me want to be a better, stronger athlete, and to be the best teammate I can be.

Pre-game music: I don’t listen to music before a game. But, I love country music, so if I ever did, it would be anything country!

I'm happiest when: I am happiest when I am on the ice. It is my place where I feel most at home no matter where I am in the world.

I am also happiest when I get to spend time with my sweet little 2yr old nephew. He warms my heart and makes me feel like I can accomplish anything!

My favourite meal is: breakfast! I will never miss a breakfast, and I could definitely eat breakfast foods at any point in the day.

On my day off: I am found likely packing up for my next adventure. But preferably I am doing something outdoors, and relaxing by the water somewhere.

In my bag: In my carryon bag while flying: GORP Bars, curling shoes, pants/jersey, my phone/charger, headphones, makeup and more GORP Bars

My philosophy: I want to live each day to the fullest, and live with no regrets. I love being challenged and finding ways to overcome obstacles that are placed in front of me, so I encourage people to embrace those tough moments and celebrate even the smallest of victories. Hard work has no limits, so give it your all, always. Most importantly, enjoy the process. It is not about the outcome, or the medals earned, it is about enjoying the journey that you are on, learning from it, and enjoying the people you are surrounding yourself with.

I wind down by: laying down and doing something mindless like watching tv or listening to music.

Mantra that keeps you going when things get tough: Enjoy the process. It is not always about the outcome, but enjoying the journey. At the end of the day my friends and family will still be there by my side to celebrate or be a shoulder to lean on.
I have lost more than I will ever win, but I have learned from my mistakes, and I am very proud of that.

Favourite place in the world: Canada! But if I have to choose outside of this great Country, I would pick Japan. It is one of my absolute favourite places to visit!

Most awkward party trick: not having a party trick? ..super awkward

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