Levi Nadlersmith - GORP Athlete

Levi Nadlersmith GORP Athlete

Just graduating in 2016, from Boissevain, Manitoba, Levi's sport is Cross Country Skiing.

Levi represented Canada in Norway for the Nordic cross-country Youth Olympics in February 2016!

   Levi Nadlersmith Mantra

A peek into Levi's life:

Profession: Various part time Jobs.

Why GORP? First of all they taste great and they’re good fuel for training. I mainly use them as a recovery snack, or on really long training bouts. I also keep a few on hand for travelling.

Your Inspiration: the Canadian cross country skier Ivan Babikov. I really admire his work ethic.

If you could be an animal: I’d like to be a Honey Badger

Pre-game music: Broken Bells

I'm happiest when: I’m on an adventure

My favourite meal is: Fish tacos

On my day off: I wash my clothes, usually try and get a nap in and I usually go do something with friends.

In my bag: The essentials. A change of clothes, a snack (GORP Bar/smoothie) and a towel.

Proudest accomplishment: Qualifying for the Youth Olympic Games.

Favourite place in the world: Shoal lake Ontario.

Levi has been accepted to be part of the National Development Centre in Thunder Bay Ontario. The team consists of 14 High level athletes from various regions in Canada that train year round under the guidance of NDC coaches with the goal of progressing up to the Canadian National Team. To help support, please visit Levi's Go Fund Me page HERE.

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