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After a first place finish in the amateur category in Ironman Texas, and a first place finish in the Manitoba Half Marathon in 2016, Nicole is off to Kona for Ironman World Championships!

I draw inspiration from clients doing things they didn't think was possible for them; if they can overcome their obstacles so should I!

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Superior Man 2016 – 4:25:05
Place: 1st Overall Female (course record)

Ironman 70.3 (or 44.5?) Racine
Place: 1st Overall Amateur Female (7th including pro’s)

Manitoba Marathon - 1st Place Female – Half Marathon – 1:23:48

A peek into Nicole's life:

Profession: Pilates Instructor

Sport: Long course Triathlon

Born in: 1989

Favourite GORP Flavour: Coco, Hemp, Almond

Why GORP? I absolutely love GORP, especially the Cocoa, Hemp and Almond flavour. I often eat them after morning swim practices and they are a staple in my bike jersey for long training rides. Honestly, half eaten packs are stashed in all my training bags, purses and even in the car, because when you are training for Ironman you are ALWAYS hungry and having GORP handy eliminates my chances of choosing something unhealthy. I love the resealable feature for between teaching Pilates/fitness classes, it makes it easier to get a bite or two in. I had a client say, "I'm surprised to see you eating a packaged bar, you seem like you would eat too healthy for that" and I was so pleased to read out the ingredient list and say I am choosing a healthy snack!

Your hero: My hero would be Ironman World Champion, Mirinda Carfrae. But, a place from which I draw inspiration is my clients, doing things they didn't think was possible for them! If they can overcome their obstacles, so should I!

If you could be an animal: A cheetah! #hadafastday

I'm happiest when: I'm riding, running or swimming with great friends and good weather.

My favourite meal is: Smoothies!!! Because you can stuff so many nutrients in and it's quick to make!

On my day off: I have to stay busy because I can't sit still :)

In my bag: I don't go anywhere without my loose leaf tea tumbler that keeps it hot all day!

I wind down by: Watching the bachelor (guilty!)

Proudest accomplishment: First place amateur in Ironman Texas

Favourite place in the world: Spending time at the family cottage

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