Not So Average

Tina came into our GORP lives via social media. She is vibrant, supportive of our brand and embraces the adventure lifestyle that we all love! We can't help but smile and say, OH, I LOVE CRANTINA!
- GORP Team

Favourite GORP Flavour: Cocoa Hemp and Almond (though i hear there might be a new flavour.... ginger??? eek! )
Your Inspiration: Chandra Crawford, a Olympic gold medalist in cross country skiiing and all around amazing person! She is from Canmore and heads up "Fast and Female," an organization dedicated to Empowerment Through Sport. I first met Chandra at a local trail race in 2013. Besides her sport achievements, she is all kinds of awesome, sincere, humble, fun, inspiring and funny all rolled into one ball of FABULOUS! Whenever I see her she has the biggest smile and always a kind word. I love how she embraces life and is a real role model on how to be a leader. 
Your favourite hobby: Running! I especially love trail running :-)
How has GORP Clean Energy Bar helped you?
A little over a year ago my sister introduced me to Gorp. She bought it for her little ones at her local health store in our hometown (Stettler). She spoke highly of the natural ingredients and was surprised I hadn't heard of it. Within a week or so, I met GORP at the Outdoor Adventure Show in Calgary where they were sampling. I loved the taste and bought a mixed case! Since then it is one of my favourite products. I have used it on all my long runs and trail races this past year, and I love that I can SEE the ingredients. A couple bars fit perfectly in my hydration vest and are perfect for hitting the trails. It's natural with simple real food with protein, electrolyte and minerals. And no upset tummy. GORP's come to the top of Moose Mountain on Canada Day, and been on most of the trails around Canmore and Kananaskis. It's been a lifesaver on some 4 and 6 hour treks for sure! And I also keep a stash at work for those just in case moments. I have been known to bring extra when running so that I can share!
Thank you so much to Tina for being our NOT SO PLAIN JANE, GORP Ambassador Extraordinaire! 
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