Raphael Gagne - GORP Athlete

Raphael Gagne - GORP Athlete

Congratulations to Raphael for competing in the 2016 Rio Olympics!!!

Raphael Gagne PhilosophyAccomplishments

2015 Gold medalist at Panamerican Games in Toronto

2015 MTB and Cyclocross Canadian National Champion

2015 US Cup Overall Winner


A peek into Raphael's life:

Profession: Professional Cyclist for Cannondale 360Fly p/b Sugoi
Sport: Mountain bike cross-country Olympic. Cyclocross in the fall.

Born in: 1987

Favourite GORP Flavour: All of them, period.

Why GORP? Healthiest, user friendly airport/airplane snack. I bring them all over the world in my training camps or races. I like to use GORP bar for pre-race food about 2 hours before my race as a last pre-race meal. I like to standardize my routine and have something handy to eat that I know how my body and my tummy will react come race start. And of course, they are my number one choice bike food when I go longer than 2 hours, which happens pretty often.

If you could be an animal: T-Rex because they are cool, bad ass and they hate push-ups.

I'm happiest when: I'm riding my bike with friends or when I'm racing hard and fast.

My favourite meal is: Sushi

On my day off: Beach, sun, friends, fun, read.

In my bag: GORP bars, lots of Sugoi bike clothing, lots of WTB tires and a few cool Oakley Sunnies

Favourite place in the world: There's too many, I like Cairns Australia because it's far, extremely warm and it has some great MTB riding, same for California, but home is also a favourite when you are away more than 6 months a year.

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