Sprouted Brown Rice Protein


We thought long and hard and experimented countless times with different protein sources to use in GORP Bar. In the end we decided to go with our gut and use a sprouted brown rice protein called oryzatein made by Axiom. Oryzatein is nutritionally complete and rich in essential vitamins and minerals, including thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, phosphorous, iron, and potassium.

This is where we are proud to say our Extra Mile Ingredient Sourcing Policy shines bright. This protein is extremely high quality and adheres to the highest standards.

DISCLAIMER!!! Now, we aren't going to get all crazy and tell you that GORP bars can cure every ailment known to man and provide every single health benefit listed below... because that's SO not allowed :) We just want to give a shout out to our awesome ingredients for YOUR education... so you can see all the awesomeness we INTENTIONALLY pack into our bar and perhaps inspire you to incorporate some of them into your diet more often :) 

Why We Use Oryzatein Whole Grain Sprouted Brown Rice Protein Instead of Soy or Whey

  • It’s truly hypoallergenic
  • Delivers a proven concentration compared to other rice proteins
  • Is the perfect vegetable-based protein, thanks to a complete, balanced amino acid profile
  • Provides an allergy-free food option
  • Fits a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle
  • Easy to digest, it is an alternative for people who have reactions to soy and whey
  • Has a natural time release quality
  • Is a complete vegan protein source made using an all-natural process that does not involve the use of chemical solvents

We were impressed with Axiom’s commitment to go the extra mile with this product. There are a lot of cheap proteins floating around out there and we wanted to take every measure to make sure we were using the best. We believe that by combining protein from a variety of whole foods like hemp, oats, nuts, and sprouted brown rice, we are providing you with a functional and multi-faceted protein delivery system for your unique needs.

Did You Know?
By combining protein and complex carbs (like oats) you can slow down the carb-to-fat conversion process! The benefits don’t end there: combining protein and complex carbs gives you long-lasting energy so you can stay alert and feel satisfied.
 Plus eating protein speeds up your metabolism. Bonus!