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Over the last few years, Steve has overcome a serious neck injury (from a 21 foot fall!) by practicing hot yoga and eventually getting back into body building! We admire your strength, Steve!! 


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First Place Men's Physique Short Class King Kong Classic 2015 

A peek into Steve's life:

Born in: 1986

Favourite GORP Flavour:  Peanut Butter Apple, but I always get the variety pack.

Why GORP? I eat GORP bars because they are clean, nutritious, natural, and loaded with energy. Just like myself! Being a bodybuilder people always ask me about steroid use because it's the first thing that comes to there mind. They don't understand that there are categories of bodybuilding. I pride myself on being a Natural Body Builder, meaning I don't take any prohibited or banned substances to acquire my physique. Hard work and proper nutrition along with some moderate supplementation is all I have on my side and that is why I identify with GORP it's real, all natural and a brand I knew I could trust from day one!

Your hero: This is a corny one but my hero is my mother Dian Brown. She is the hardest working person I know along with the most selfless. There has been a lot of hardship and struggle in our family history and she has been the rock to keep our it together all along. She has practically raised 3 children on her own working 7 days a week at times to make sure her family is provided for.Thanks mom!

My inspiration: IFBB PRO Eren Legend, who contends in OPEN men's physique as a natural athlete. As his name states, he's a legend! To knowingly compete against people who have an advantage against you in an already stacked tough sport is inspiring. Not only does he compete, he wins!
I am inspired day in and day out by all the athletes and coaches on Hammer Fitness as well. There isn't a harder working group of people out there that keep each other motivated and in check. A special thanks to my coach Tyler Johnston for helping me get to where I am, I couldn't have done it without him.

Pre-game music: One of the weirdest things about me (so I'm told) is that I don't listen to music. I don't listen to it in the car, in the gym, in the house, anywhere except what's on the radio when the radio just happens to be on. I'm not sure what it is but I think a lot, and I have a lot on my mind usually. I like to think about my day, my future, my past, I'm thinking all the time and when music is on I feel like I'm avoiding my thoughts. So I keep it off and think away when I'm alone.

I'm happiest when: This is an easy one. Since I am always on the go and a very busy person I'm happiest when I'm productive. I'm happiest when I'm checking things off a list, and yes, I have many lists.

My favourite meal is: I love all food, it's absolutely impossible to find something I won't try, and hard to find something I won't like. 

In my bag:
-weight belt for squats and deadlifts
-small gym shorts
-gym stringer
-adidas HIIT shoes (built for lateral movements)
-gym journal + pen (I've been recording for over a year)
-old spice deodorant
-theraband 25LB resistance flexbar
-supplement funnel
-lifting straps
-mammoth mug
-selfie-z magnetic arm band
-the original maintenance (Chapstick for your hands)

My philosophy is: "Cheating is only cheating myself". In sports, or life, some people cheat to win. In my sport, cheating does not give you any added advantage whatsoever. It actually gives you a disadvantage. People have a hard time putting their bodies through the kind of prep it takes to win in bodybuilding. By eating outside of your macros, or skipping out on that last 5 mins of cardio, or missing that last set only hurts your chances of winning. Willpower is my advantage and I'm filled with it.

My friends call me: VanBrown has been my nickname since college.

Favourite place in Canada: My favorite place will probably always be my home The Niagara Region. I love it here.

Most awkward party trick: I'm quite nimble and can walk on my hands for along time. The goal this year is 100 steps which I will crush very soon!

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