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Want to tell someone they are AWESOME by sending them a GORP Gift Card?  This super handy gift card will be delivered right to their email, so no waiting!  BONUS!  Want to leave a CUSTOMIZED NOTE?  Type your message in the note box of your cart.  We have 4-different dollar amounts available, just select your preferred denomination from the drop-down arrow.

Here's how it works...
Gift certificates are delivered by email with instructions and a special code to redeem at checkout.  Our gift cards have no additional processing fees and can be used to pay for shipping & cover taxes!!  AWESOME!!  But before you go, we would like you to know that GORP Gift Cards can not be used in retail stores but are fully redeemable on our website!!

Answers to Questions you might have...
1. Gift cards CAN be used to pay for shipping & taxes.  Your gift card will be applied to the final order amount!  BONUS!!
2. More than one gift card can be redeemed during the same checkout. Sweet!
3. A gift card can NOT be re-loaded.  Bummer
4. Our online store platform does not offer a way for you to check your card balance :( But if you need to know, send us an email, we are happy to look into that for you :) 
6.  GORP Gift Certificates can NOT be redeemed in retail stores but are fully redeemable on our website!!  

Questions?  Email Us!

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