GORP BAR Granola protein energy snack
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GORP BAR Granola protein energy snack


High Protein Oatmeal Bake with GORP Oatmeal Blends

June 29, 2020

This QUICK & EASY protein filled breakfast bake is perfect if you're hosting breakfast or grab a square to go! Customize the ingredients and can be made the night before. So delicious and healthy you won't tell your kids "NO" when they ask for 2nds!   This recipe works with any of our GORP Oatmeal Blends! Adventure ON   Continue Reading →

Zig while others are Zagging

November 30, 2019

Not every “zig” in the face of a “zag” has worked out for me, (I’ve made some very expensive mistakes), but I agree with the idea that if you follow the MASSES sometimes the “M” is silent! And that brings you further away from YOU.
NEWS FLASH - Bloating is NOT hot! Find out why GORP Bars don't cause bloating.

November 28, 2019

You know what we're talking about... that terrible feeling after you eat a meal (either too much of one, or the wrong kind) or protein bar and your stomach just expands. You might need to unbutton your pants. Your gut feels heavy. And you feel FULL. And uncomfortable.... sigh... We hear you, we've been there. If you haven't heard the story of how GORP bars were created, you missed the part about all of the protein bars tried and thrown away due to the terrible after-feeling and weird aftertastes... was that... metal??  Since I started working here, I've never talked about bloating so much in my life! Or perhaps more about the lack of bloating. ...Ok, get to the point, I... Continue Reading →