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GORP BAR Granola protein energy snack
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5 Meal Prep Hacks - planning for nutritious meals

September 25, 2018

The best thing you can do for your nutritional health is to cook your own food. There has been a multitude of studies come out in North America the last few years showing that the healthiest people all have one thing in common-- they cook most of their own food!

Here are 5 hacks that will help you find the time to create delicious, nutritious meals your whole family can enjoy. (and save time and money!)

The Myth of Balance

August 05, 2018

colleen dyck

I started to become disenchanted with the word "BALANCE" a few years ago. . . I was sick of hearing it coming out of my OWN mouth whenever anyone asked "How do you manage to be married to a crazy farmer, coral 4 wild kids and run an energy bar company?! To which I'd always reply. . "well, ya know. . . it's all about balance."

The more I said it, the more annoyed I got with myself. What I came to realize is that it was a pat answer to a question I actually had NO IDEA how to even confront. . .and over the years I've found myself internally scoffing at the word!

Camping Checklist

July 30, 2018

Let us help you pack up for the long weekend - or any of the rest of the weekends in August for that matter, before the craziness of September begins again! Save this camping checklist and get packing for an amazing weekend of campfires, fresh air and tree bathing :)