Cyclocross 2015 - GORP Sponsored Cyclo-cross Team!

October 19, 2015

GORP Clean Energy Bars will be attending The Shimano Canadian Cyclo-cross Championships, presented by Volvo (Oct 23-26,2015)! 

By now, you know that we all LOVE getting out and having an adventure - whether it be just getting outside or competing in super-sports - GORP is behind it 100%! So not only will we be hanging out at the Cyclo-cross Championships at the Forks in Winnipeg for the weekend (Oct 23-26) but we also help sponsor an awesome team of extremely talented cyclists! Plus, they are SUPER fun to keep in touch with on Social Media, as they are always riding somewhere exciting!

Michael van den Ham in his new jersey - Spot the GORP!

"The Red Truck - Garneau p/b Easton Cyclocross Team will become Canada's first pro purely cyclo-cross team, as well as one of the top teams in North America.  By uniting riders from many different cycling communities, the Red Truck - Garneau p/b Easton Cyclocross Team hopes to give young 'Cross riders a team to aspire to and Canadian cyclo-cross fans a team to cheer for at the biggest races in the world.  The team will race a mix of international UCI races, including Canadian Nationals and the CrossVegas World Cup, as well as local races to enhance the level of competition and support the growth of cyclocross in Canada." (from article at

I always love knowing some of the story behind the teams I cheer on, so let's meet the team!

Michael van den Ham

#2 Ranked rider in Canada, Current Alberta Provincial Champion (Elite Men) - Alberta

Michael was inspired to get into cyclocross by his big brother. While it was a fun activity for a while, it quickly turned into love of the sport, because he says he has a 'knack for it'. I think we could agree it's more than a knack! He is concentrating on his racing now, allowing himself to move to Belgium for the winter to train and compete against the best cyclists in the world. 

Age: 23

Hometown: Brandon, MB (live in Edmonton, AB)

What's your favourite flavour of GORP bar? Peanut Butter Apple. I share my other GORP Bars from time to time, I don't share those ones. 

Your Hero or Inspiration? That's a tough one, not because I don't have any, but because I have too many to choose from! My Grandpa is the inspiration that most often comes to mind. He immigrated to Canada in the 50's with almost nothing and built a farm and family in Canada on integrity, hard work, and love. Anytime I'm nervous about plunging in the unknown or think about giving up, I just remind myself of what he was able to accomplish despite much great adversity. 

How have GORP Clean Energy Bars helped you? Besides just great training food, GORP Bars are great to have at races. Regardless of how well I plan, eating properly on races days can be a challenge. There are just so many other things to be doing and my stomach never quite seems to be happy with me. Having a bar that that's made from real food and has real nutritional value to eat at my convenience means that, even when I'm in a rush, I know I'm fueled properly.  


Instagram/Twitter: @MVDHcyclocross

Craig Richey

Former #1 Ranked rider in Canada, Current BC Provincial Champion (Elite Men) - British Columbia

Craig grew up in a small town where he biked everywhere as a kid. That turned into mountain biking and eventually he got serious about racing while attending UVic. He is the Marketing Manager at Easton Cycling / Race face and he also loves Nordic skiing and fly fishing!

Age: 31

Hometown: Smithers, BC

What's your favourite flavour of GORP bar? Peanut butter and Raspberry 

How have GORP Clean Energy Bars helped you? I was racing in China earlier this year and the food wasn't sitting that well before riding. I ate a couple GORP bars as my pre-race meal. They were satisfying and felt like I ate real food!

Twitter - @Craig_richey

Athlete page -

Natasha Elliot

Former #1 Ranked rider in Canada, 14 UCI Wins (Elite Women) - Ontario

Natasha's story of how she got into cyclocross made me giggle. "My husband dared me to try it after refusing for a few years.  He said I would like racing cyclocross... but I actually loved it." Natasha works as an Office/Inventory Manager and her fave hobbies (besides cycling) are snowshoeing and trail running. She's currently training for Canadian Cyclocross Nationals in Winnipeg, and the New England Verge Series of cyclocross races.

Age: 37

Hometown: Belleville, Ontario (born in Derbyshire, England)

What's your favourite flavour of GORP bar?  Peanut butter and Raspberry

Your Hero or Inspiration?  My parents.  They moved to Canada when I was two for my Dad to start a new job, leaving all our relatives behind.  My mother had an unfortunate accident as soon as we arrived in Canada swimming with myself and 2 other siblings at a hotel pool.  She drowned and was in a coma for over a month.  It was a miracle that she survived.  What makes me most proud about them is how tough this situation must of been on both of them and how they got through it with 3 very young children at the time.  They are both very strong, loving parents.

How have GORP Clean Energy Bars helped you?  I have some mild digestive issues and I really find that Gorp bars are very easy to digest.  Using them for training, after racing and even if I need a snack they have provided me with great energy and helped me recover day to day from workouts.  And they are pretty tasty too!

twitter page:  @Nat_SoNice

facebook athlete page:


Raphael Gagné


4 UCI CX Wins, Current Canadian XC National Champion (Elite Men) - Quebec

[While mountain biking consumes him — in part because of his Olympic dreams — Gagné loves cyclocross for its challenges. Maybe as much as he loves mountain biking.

“This is how much I think ’cross is good for me and how much I love it: Two years ago I didn’t have any support and only one bike, and I raced almost a whole season out of my pocket,” Gagné said.

Last year, however, that love bumped up against other priorities. Again without a ’cross team, he opted out of racing.

“I was tempted to buy a bike and just race,” he said. “But at the level I’m at, I don’t think I deserve to buy a bike and race out of my own budget.”

He spent the fall completing a university degree in physical education teaching.

Growing up in Québec City, Gagné started mountain biking at age 9. He tried a few cyclocross races on a mountain bike as a junior and won a provincial championship. At provincials in 2009 he raced on a ’cross bike for the first time and won the senior men’s category.]

(Raphael's story from his latest interview with Velo News)



GORP will be at CX2015 all weekend, handing out samples, selling bars and giving out SWEET Tractor Tattoos!! Come say hi at the GORP tent, by the sand pits!

Find out more about this awesome weekend in Winnipeg!

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