November 02, 2015


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GORP Star of the Month - Madi!

About a month ago, we started introducing you to our GORP family. The ladies in production - who, without them, there would be no GORP bars to share. They work so hard, mixing, rolling, cutting and packaging GORP bars and we would be lost without them!

Here is our next awesome GORP gal, Madi!

Madi has been with GORP for a couple years now! She one of the amazing bunch of production ladies - aka the makers of the bars! We love when she's on production because she is always happy and joking around. Her jokes and quit wit make you laugh even harder because she keeps a serious face while telling them! She's quick to pay compliments and is as sweet as pie :) 

Here are some facts about Madi:

  1. What's your favourite way to be active?

Doing crossfit with my Shopgym fam.

  1. If you could have a super power, what would it be?

X-Ray Hearing.

  1. What's your favourite GORP flavour and why?

Cocoa Hemp & Almond cause of the chocolatey goodness.

  1. Why do you love working at GORP? 

As cliché as it sounds, it truly is the people. Everybody is so kind and helpful, as well as fun and hilarious, and you do feel like you're part of an awesome team. I'm proud of the product and just have a lot of fun working here!

  1. Share a healthy recipe or workout 

"NANCY": for time, complete 5 rounds of 400m Run, 15 Overhead Squats

Thank you so much for working with us Madi - Someone thinks you're awesome... and it's US!

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