March 30, 2017


The Great GORP Project
Box 1108
Niverville, Manitoba, Canada
R0A 1E0
Toll-free: 1-855-EAT GORP (328-4677)
Phone: 1-204-388-9649

GORP Bars are in Explore Magazine's Live the Adventure Gear Boxes!

explore magazine gorp energy bar

Finally, a club that sends you outdoor adventure gear and increases adventure in your life the moment your first box arrives - regardless your skill level - GUARANTEED!!

The best Canadian adventure magazine, Explore Magazine has created this awesome subscription box, called Live to Adventure - full of much needed adventure goodies! Watch the unveiling of the Spring Box Here:

And guess who is a part of this spring box?? GORP Bars!! Your perfect adventure food! Why are we perfect adventure food, you ask? We think these bars are great for natural, long lasting energy; non-bloating protein keeps you satisfied, but still able to continue on that hike without stomach upset; AND our bars are re-sealable! You can take a few bites, and put it back in your backpack or pocket without it gathering lint (or whatever else is in the bottom of your backpack!)

I know you want to subscribe - and you'll also get amazing newsletters, full of places to hike, gear to use and more! We will be making an appearance in the newsletters and perhaps offering a sweet deal - maybe you should sign up now!

Need GORP in your life? Stock up HERE

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