You asked, we delivered! GORP Branded fun for all!

Finally! We are happy to announce that we are now selling T-Shirts, Colibri Canada Re-Usable Snack bags - by themselves or in an awesome package - and GORP Decals!

GORP Colibri GORP Colibri Bicycle

The small snack size 'Forest' and 'Bicycle' themed Colibri bags are great for adding cut up fruits and vegetables to take along with you anywhere you go! Pair it with a GORP Bar and you have some magical 'GORP Math' happening (aka a nutritious meal!)  ;) (see GORP Math below...)


If you want to show your love for GORP, we now have these SUPER comfy T-Shirts you can buy! Purple for the gals, blue for the lads!

GORP Tshirt

GORP Tshirt


What's the perfect item to add on to any GORP Bar order? A decal, of course! These bad boys stick to anything and are even rated for outdoor use - so just think... laptop, car, canoe, kayak, bike and more! Don't forget to hashtag #stickwithgorp on Twitter and Instagram and show us where you stick 'em!

GORP Decal


You can find all this fun GORP SWAG for sale HERE at GORPWORLD.COM

Adventure On!