May 14, 2018


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Trust Your Gut...

Did you know that there are upwards of one million neurons/brain cells in the lining of your gut!? And that more messages are sent from your gut to your brain than from your brain to your gut! AMAZING!


And didn’t we all know this in a subconscious way long before the science loving folks figured it out and proved it! That sick feeling when you see something terrible, or when you walk into a nerve wracking situation and the butterflies start... it’s all our incredible gut gathering information at lightning speed and sending the messages back up to our brains, or giving us a cramp. . .whatever works to get our attention!


Now, it’s not going to solve your algebra equations for you, but it will serve you in other ways. Your mood being one of them, and I can’t help but think that this affects all our decision making.


My husband always cites the HALTS acronym to me. Never make a decision or trust your emotions when you are Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired or Stressed.


My gut has determined every single hire I’ve made, the resume is the least of my worries when bringing someone new on the team. It’s also led me to turn down seemingly amazing opportunities that have been very tempting on paper. When I’m stressing about cash flow and making payroll and certain opportunities come knocking, my gut determines whether I take them or not. . .not always my bank book. . .for better or worse, this is my process.


Trusting in an unseen and somewhat unexplainable gut feeling feels risky and perhaps it is, but I can say with absolute confidence that my gut has warned me on many occasions and when I don’t listen I pay dearly, so my gut is officially the second member on the board of advisors I hope to assemble someday:) God gets the first spot. . .He’s the pro when it comes to creative ideas anyways:)

 trust your gut

So, I guess my advisory board is somewhat invisible so far?! Cheers to that!


Power on people. . .traditional intelligence only makes up a fraction of what we need to navigate through our world and make the hard decisions! I for one am pretty stoked about that;)



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