Not So Plain Jane

October 06, 2015

While we love to sponsor our hardcore, amazing athletes - we decided that we want to inspire some awesome people who are doing every day things, to maybe push themselves a little harder or to be better than yesterday, or even to help inspire others - and to add some healthy GORP to their lives while they're doing it. So here is the first of many 'Not so Plan Janes': 
GORP Not So Plain Jane
Randi stopped by our GORP office last week and took a tour during a crazy production day. I could tell right away that she's a strong, inspiring young lady and she's also sweet as pie! In chatting with her, I found that she fit right in to how we feel at GORP - to be yourself, but to find something you love doing to be healthy! 


Randi wrote to me when I asked her about her hero or inspiration. She told me about her best friend Emily, who inspires her and also:
"Katie Willcox is one of my inspirations. She is the face of an instagram/facebook page that I've been following for a while, called "healthy is the new skinny." It inspires girls of all different sizes to stop comparing themselves to others and to focus on being healthy and finding something physical that you love to do instead of forcing yourself to do stuff that you don't enjoy, JUST to lose weight. She is so inspiring!" 


What are some hobbies that a 'Not So Plain Jane' would have, you ask? Randi loves to read, run and play recreational sports with friends. She LOVES writing songs, singing and learning new cover songs - and her voice is beautiful too! Check her out on Sound Cloud here:


When asked about her experience with GORP, as our first NSPJ, Randi says:
"I guess the main thing that I would have to say about this whole GORP experience would be that it has helped re-assure that I am on the right path. Although I still have a lot of things left to figure out in my own life, I have already come a long way and I know that if I have even inspired one person, than I have done what I am trying to do. I hope that this GORP experience will help me continue on my life journey of growing more as a person while inspiring others as well. :)"


We look forward to fueling Randi's adventures for the next couple months! As a Not So Plain Jane or Not So Average Joe, GORP will sponsor one box of GORP for 3 months + a sweet T shirt! 

Do you know a NSPJ or NSAJ who could use some inspiration... In the form of a GORP Sponsorship? Email us at to apply - any creative applications will be accepted, like fun resumes, videos, photos, stories, etc :)

(*Canadian residents only)

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