GORP Travels to Shanghai, China & Wins Award!

May 23, 2018

GORP Travels to Shanghai, China & Wins Award!

china gorp team

As we welcome our fearless Leader, Colleen, home after being in China for 1.5 weeks, we thought we'd fill you in on what we've been up to behind the scenes here at GORP!

"My adventure here in China has been enlightening and a humbling education all at once!

Last year I started a relationship with a passionate group of people in China who decided that the GORP brand and story was one they wanted to get behind...so I developed a line of hot oatmeals, amped up with some of our Manitoba grown superstar ingredients and here we are introducing “Oh Canada Oats” to the Chinese market at SIAL in Shanghai! 

oh canada oats 

We were shocked to be presented with an innovation award on the first day of the tradeshow...we could hardly believe it! Our GORP Bars and Ready Mix are also being introduced and the response has been awesome:)

sial innovation award shanghai

I’m constantly astounded by where this journey takes us...and humbled by the people who come on board along the way. Thanks to my great team here in China for believing in GORP and my team back home for pulling together and getting the prototypes made in short order, so we could present!

china colleen dyck

If I’ve learned anything from this experience so far it is that “All men are brothers” (quote red: Mahatma Ghandi) I’m honoured to be on this adventure:)" ~ Colleen

As far as selling our product in China, we will just have to see how things go!

Maybe Canada would like our Oh Canada Oats??

Adventure on!

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