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Energy Bar Mix | Protein Bar Ready Mix (USA)

Our customers talked, and we listened! We hear you love GORP, but have to hide it from your kids and spouse because you want to keep it all for yourself (we get it!) - so we want to make it affordable for you to share with everyone!

This one bag of GORP Ready Mix will make you 25, 70g bars for around $1.00 per bar!

We've sourced the same best ingredients as our GORP Bar, and we've measured and packaged them for you! All you need is 15 minutes, a few ingredients, a rolling pin and cookie pan - then Mix It Up! As long as you have Peanut Butter & Honey in your house, you'll have what you need to make these 'Do It Yourself' GORP Bars!

Customize the recipe to suit your needs! Use the traditional recipe on the back of our bag OR switch it up! Need lower sugar content? Skip the brown rice syrup, and more PB. Want to go vegan? Replace honey with maple syrup or a vegan replacement your choice! The possibilities are endless! See below for these recipes!


• Makes 25 70g Bars per bag (or 50 35g bars - in case the math wasn't obvious)

• Cost is $1.00 per bar (approx) when prepared!

• Completely customizable! 

• No fake anything! (no artificial preservatives, colors, flavours - nothin', nada!)

• Full of whole ingredients like oats, nuts, seeds, berries, apples and more!

• We use a sprouted brown rice protein - it is plant based, hypo-allergenic and won't cause bloating!

• No dairy, no soy, no whey!

 Traditional Recipe:

• 1 Cup Honey

• 1/2 Cup Natural Peanut Butter

• 1/2 Cup Brown Rice Syrup

• 2 Tbsp Molasses (for Cocoa / Ginger only)

Low Sugar Recipe:

• 1 Cup Honey

• 1 1/2 Cup Natural Peanut Butter

• 2 Tbsp Molasses (for Cocoa / Ginger only)
Vegan Recipe

• 1 Cup Brown Rice Syrup

• 1/2 Cup Natural Peanut Butter

• 1/2 Cup Maple Syrup (or blended dates)

• 2 Tbsp Molasses (for Cocoa / Ginger only)


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Q: Where do I buy Brown Rice Syrup?

GORP Brown Rice Syrup now available on our website!!  Each jar contains enough brown rice syrup to make two bags of Ready Mix!  

Q: What is the expiry on the mix?

If left unopened, the bag of mix is good for 12 months! Once prepared, store the bars in the fridge (in the re-sealable bag it came in) and they are good for around 3 months! If you want to keep them around for longer, you can put them in the freezer (using a freezer safe container).

Q: Can I use a half or portion of the bag?

The recipes are meant to use the whole bag of Ready Mix, however, if you would like to use half the bag, just make sure you shake it up before scooping it out! The nutritional values may not remain the same this way, as ingredients may settle near the bottom. It might be better to prepare them and put them in the fridge or freezer as mentioned above!

Q: My bars turned out crumbly! What went wrong?

There are a few reasons your bars may be crumbly;

1. The low sugar recipe removes some of the sticky sweetness that holds our bars together the best (there's a lot of whole ingredients in the bars - it's not powder!) Add more peanut butter ;)

2. Natural Peanut Butter - must be smooth, natural peanut butter. Do not use chunky or the kind that contains sugar. Even then, peanut butters come in all consistencies, so when your bars aren't sticking together when rolled, add a bit more peanut butter :) Use your judgement - you can do it!

3. Your liquids boiled too long! You need only bring it to a consistency that is easy to pour - the moment you see the first heat bubble - you're done heating the liquid!

4. You didn't follow the recipe. ;) Nahhh, you wouldn't do that!

Q: My bars are sticking to the pan!

Yep, honey & brown rice syrup will do that. Use parchment paper underneath the bars or grease the pan with coconut oil :)


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