What Is GORP Anyway?


Our bars were created in a tiny farmhouse kitchen on the Canadian prairies by a wanna-be triathlete mom would also happened to LOVE going on ADVENTURES!  Hi!  I'm Colleen and here at GORP we are crazy about REAL food and inspiring ADVENTURE!  Our absolute PASSION is to remind our awesome customers that EVERYONE deserves to have an ADVENTURE!  It's good for the soul, the mind and plus it's just mad FUN!  To fuel your adventure we've packed our products with the best super star ingredients we could find!  



Did you know that GORP is a throwback to a backpacker's acronym...Good Ol' Raisins & Peanuts!  Trail mix!  Who remembers their parents sending them out the door with a baggie full of homemade trail mix?  Or making it at summer camp?  


How to Use GORP

We designed this bar to be like a puzzle piece to fit into your life, right where it's needed.

GORP Is Great For Your Active Life
Well, besides being an easily digestible source of protein, packed with superstar ingredients, and tasting awesome, GORP bars don’t have any coatings. Coated bars tend to melt in your gym bag, pocket, or backpack, and can contain so much wax to keep it from melting that it doesn’t even taste like chocolate at the end of the day! We hide all the cocoa goodness INSIDE the bar so you still get that blast of pure cocoa flavour without the mess.

We also went to the trouble of making our package resealable, so you can take your hit of energy when you really need it, and save the rest for later. No more lint-covered half-eaten energy bars to contend with!

GORP Is Great for Sports
Whether you are looking to do some carb loading before an intense workout, a replenishing post-workout recovery strategy, or even something to nibble on mid-ride, climb, or whatever, GORP Bar is formulated so you can use it how you need to.

GORP bars provide 1 full gram of Omega-3 fatty acids for your hardworking joints. Omega-3 can relieve the inflammation associated with joint pain, which can be worsened by the oxidation process that takes place when you workout.



 “I eat GORP bars before and during games to help fuel my body. They taste great, are all-natural, and don’t leave me with a typical energy bar aftertaste.”  
Zach Bogosian
Professional Hockey Player

"I joined Crossfit Steinbach this January, and ran my first half-marathon this year. I had the privilege of eating one of your bars. I then went and purchased one…then another and another :)
I just finished my first ever 21-day sugar detox. The WHOLE time I was craving your bars, so when my detox was done, YES! I rewarded myself with two of your delicious bars! I LOVE them so much. Thank you for such a great tasting and good-for-you bar! Where before my treat would be an iced capp or something sugary, it is now a protein bar." Thanks!
Agatha Berg

"That was THE BEST energy bar I have EVER had!! I had the peanut butter and apple. I love that they contain no wheat! Big bonus! Lots of flavour, love the crispness. Excellent for diabetics."

Sophie H.

"Its DELICIOUS!! It's moist, flavourful, no aftertaste. I didn't need a glass of water after to wash it down, which is fantastic.
Besides having a great tasting product, your packaging is awesome. I love the sticker to reseal the bar, and the barcode with different activities/sports is great! So fun."
Lisette L.

 "I just wanted to send a HUGE thank you to you for sponsoring the Extreme North Dakota Sandhills Ultra Running Experience (END-SURE) put on by END-racing. 18 miles into the snow-filled run I downed a GORP bar (peanut butter & apple) and went on my way feeling ready for the next 13 miles. Grabbed a couple more in the hours following my finish. What an awesome product!"
Tammy Magness

 “I just wanted to tell you that I saw your bars originally at Domo of all places and bought one when I was paying for gas! I ate it on my way home and really liked it. The next gas-up LOL, I bought four for biking as I am training for an Ironman in August in Mont Tremblant, Quebec! I really liked it for training and took one for my biking friend who also loved it! I am in Fernie training and brought some that I picked up at Bikes and Beyond from my friend Phil, the owner! I am now going to use them for my race and have been using them for training and LOVE them! I can put something about them on Facebook if you want as most of my friends are runners and triathletes and I think you have a great product.”
Stephanie R.

 “I recently found one of your bars in the bottom of a goody bag I received at a nursing conference in Winnipeg last week. I tried it this morning and really enjoyed it! (the one with raspberries in it). I am always impressed with locally-produced REAL food and local business ventures. Also, I am always looking to reduce processed foods from my diet and I’m really impressed with the ingredients list. I just wanted to take a moment to congratulate you on a great product. You have a new customer.”
Marnie Fardoe

“My aunt, who lives in Niverville, introduced me to your fabulous GORP bars last summer on a camping trip, and she's definitely created an addiction. As a student-athlete at the University of Regina with a hectic schedule, these bars have certainly been the missing piece of my nutritional puzzle!
Perfect for packing for the bus rides between tournaments, gnoshing on in an airport, grabbing to go before a practice, or throwing in the lunch kit for a snack between classes. And as a student pursuing a degree in Nutrition and Dietetics, I appreciate all the fuel and goodness you pack into these bars.
Keep up the good work, GORPers!”
Abby Hodgins

"As a mom I love that I can give them something healthy that they will actually eat LOL! I enjoy them for breakfast mostly as I never seem to have enough time to get myself organized and get three kids out the door and to school on time.
The bars are just fabulous. No nasty aftertaste. I love the texture and the flavour is delicious. I think my favourite is the new peanut butter & raspberry.
Just wanted to say a big thank you for making such a great product. We are definitely fans and will be back for more!"
Wendy B.

“I loaded up with GORP bars at Crampton's and handed them out on Caddy Lake as we pretended to be on a proper canoe trip (we paddled through the first tunnel and hung out on a island for a few hours before paddling back). I told my niece and nephews about the tradition of having gorp on a trip (I had just fed them pemmican, proclaiming them to be Voyageurs) and then gave them the two bars to choose from. All the kids picked the peanut butter & apple ones and loved them." 

K. Rowat

“A little GORP promo here, because I work a lot on-call (late nights or all-nighter call-outs). I found that I was either eating too much or feeling starved after a late night call. Some of our calls can take anywhere from 3-5 hours depending on patient condition. So when I get woken up by the pager I don't have time to make a late night snack before the call and usually when I get back into station I don't have the energy to even pour a bowl of cereal. So I started grabbing a GORP bar as we would go to a call, seeing as it only takes 5 seconds to a minute to eat (depending on chewing habits). I would have something in my stomach fueling me with energy while doing my job. I found that I felt full and energized while on the call, and wasn't hungry or tempted to overeat when I eventually got back into the station, giving me the freedom to go straight back to sleep.
I must say that knowing I am eating something healthy, filling, and tasty before heading out on a call makes doing this job a lot easier. I don't have to worry about it making me sick or having that super heavy feeling in my gut for a few hours. And it doesn't leave my breath all nasty and disgusting when talking face-to-face with patients or their families.
Also not having to depend on greasy, heavy, unhealthy fast food during long days when McDonalds is the only food choice, I sure am glad to have a few GORP bars stashed in my go bag.
Hope you guys are doing great, and keep up the good work.”
Sam Murray


Hi Colleen, currently I play on Team Canada Women's National Volleyball Team as a libero. I have Jorie to thank for introducing me to these amazing, delicious bars. They instantly became my favourite for a number of reasons:

  • I love that they are filled with real ingredients that I don't have to look up to figure out what the heck they are and if they are healthy/unhealthy – I can pronounce all of them!
  • I love that you are local
  • I absolutely love your passion for your product. I have been able to go through a bit of your blog and your joy is contagious. I truly love these bars and pretty much anyone I can talk to about them.
  • I love that I feel passionate about them and I can trust them. I knew after last year I was hooked and since then, they are my bars of choice during training and competition. I always like telling people about them because a) the name is a great conversation starter and b) I feel proud to be able to spread the GORP love and feel connected to them, as they are what have kept me company and fuelled my training throughout my journey to making the team.
  • I love that they taste absolutely amazing!!!!! Oh my gosh, when people ask me what flavour to get, I just tell them to buy one of each because it is too hard to decide. They are all so amazing, but I think I have a soft spot for the PB & Raspberry, but Shhh…don't tell the others :)
  • I love that they are low in sugar, and can trust them to fuel me even when I am in questionable areas (for example, we are traveling to Mexico next week) and they help supplement my nutrition without adding any negatives.
  • I love that you are about a community feel and more than just another company
  • I love that they fuel both my training and active lifestyle! When I'm not playing volleyball I still love to stay active by hiking, rock climbing, cycling…pretty much anything that keeps my body moving and GORP is always at my side.

I am very passionate about nutrition, and I just wanted to say thank you for making a bar that met and exceeded my standards, because I have fallen in love with all of them. I apologize for the length of this message but I did want to express how much I truly appreciate what you have created. I surround myself with a holistically healthy community and have enjoyed adding GORP into my daily routines.

A grateful consumer,

Tesca Andrew-Wasylik

Canada Women’s National Volleyball Team