May 01, 2016



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Motivation May + Freebies!

OK GUYS. Winter is GONE for the year and SPRING has SPRUNG! Can you tell we are excited?! This means more accessible adventures await us (without it being so cold that it hurts to breath). Do you have an adventure planned out this year? Maybe a goal that you are working towards?

Here at GORP, we are all setting our goals to do something MAD FUN this year. So far it sounds like Colleen is going on a trail run and participating in the Manitoba Swamp Donkey Event. Josh is planning a canoe trip, Jon is going to do the Manitoba Spartan Race and I will be taking my daughters out on Fridays exploring Manitoba! Your goal can be big or small - but getting outside and having fun is a must!

This being said, we have some tips for getting yourself ready for summer fun in 5 handy emails going out this May. We are giving away meal plans, work out plans, awesome playlists and a list of adventures across Canada that you could try out! 

If you want to join us in planning for your adventure, sign up to receive our emails HERE.

Oh - and because you totally need to fuel your body with good food, GORP is having a FREE SHIPPING month. Order as often as you like, shipping will be free in May! Woohoo! If you're a serious GORP-er, our 4 box packs are 10% off AND free shipping! Double Bonus! Go ahead and purchase HERE!


10% OFF 4-box Packs & FREE Shipping for all!


Adventure On!


Jen & the GORP Team

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