August 18, 2017


NEW FLAVOUR! Ginger Snap & Apple - Better than Cocoa, Hemp & Almond??

Ginger snap & Apple GORP bar

It's officially here! You can now purchase our new flavour, the Ginger Snap & Apple GORP Bar online at GORPWORLD.COM! Good things come to those who wait ;) So thank you for being so patient with us!

The Ginger Bar's journey to the shelf took a little longer than expected. We were sampling bars nearly a year ago, in hopes to have launched it last fall! Between shelf life testing and packaging challenges, this bar was worth all the sweat and tears! (Happy tears... really... :)) 

The feedback from our customers has been AMAZING! We even heard the words
- "I think I like it better than Cocoa, Hemp & Almond"... I says PARDON? Try it for yourself, and let us know what you think!

Side note: We like to call this bar our #GingaNinja because it packs a PUNCH of REAL
Ginger!Hi-Ya! So if you're posting on social media, hashtag #GingaNinja and your photo may be featured!

But what does it taste like??

Remember Grandma's soft ginger cookies? If you do, our new bars are just like that - but healthified! If not, let us explain:

Ginger Snap & Apple GORP Bar is the perfect pairing with your morning coffee or even your afternoon pumpkin spice smoothie!

This bar tastes warm, spicy and - while we'd like to say it has a 'hint' of ginger, it has more of a polite punch in the face of ginger and nutmeg awesomeness! Hi-Ya!! *insert ninja punch here*

We skipped the almonds for this recipe and opted for their cousin, the melt in your mouth Pecan.

You are still getting the same functional doses of ground flax, hemp, omega 3 and plant based sprouted brown rice protein as our other amazing bars, but with the added POW factor of premium quality Ginger.

Did you know Ginger eases muscle aches and relieves nausea? All the more reason to try this bar!

We hope you enjoy this new GORP bar as much as we do! 

Want to buy it now? Click on this link!

Happy GORP-ing!

Adventure On!

June 29, 2017


Colour Our GORP World + Win!

GORP World

GORP - COLOR OUR WORLD - Coloring Contest!

While sitting at a meeting one day, I had our new GORP World drawing in front of me. (Artist: Brian Krahn) And while meetings at GORP are lively and fun, I found myself coloring the drawing with my pen... then suddenly, a LIGHTBULB hits the GORP team, meeting is interrupted, and Sarah yells, "We should do a coloring contest!". Et Voila! Idea turns into FUN!

What is the GORP World Drawing?

If you hadn't noticed on our packaging before now, the sticker that comes on each bar is our GORP World. It represents all the elements of this beautiful Country (and World). From the Farmscape to the Cityscape, the waves representing the oceans and lakes, and the majestic mountains that keep us in awe of their beauty, this drawing represents all that we LOVE about Canada and the Earth. For Canada's 150th Birthday, we wanted something to really stand out and POP to honor the beauty of this Country!! Thanks to the talent of Artist, Brian Krahn, our vision became this beautiful drawing.

We thought the best way to share our GORP World is to send it out to you! Print it out, colour it, frame it, use it as wall paper!!! (ha!) Show us your coloring skills and you could win a sweet Prize Pack!!

The Prize:
2 boxes of GORP Bars, GORP Scented Coal & Canary Candle, Colibri Canada Re-Usable Bag + GORP Tshirt! ($150 Value!)

How to Enter:
1. Download the GORP World coloring page (Download link below)
2. Color the GORP World coloring page
3. Take a photo of it and post on Facebook or Instagram.
4. Follow our Facebook or Instagram page, and tag us! @GORPbar
5. Hashtag #GORPworld

download gorp world

Contest Ends July 31, 2017. Winner will be chosen randomly - coloring experience not necessary. ;)

If you don't want to enter the contest, that's ok too! Color the page to relax while you're on your road trip, out camping or on a rainy day.

Kids coloring entries are welcome too!! :)

Doesn't it make you feel like a kid again?? Enjoy!!

June 08, 2017


Are GORP Clean Energy Bars Gluten Free?

are gorp clean energy bars gluten free

"Are GORP Bars gluten free?" is the most popular question we are asked! We want to share our answer with you:

The short answer is that our bars are 'Gluten Friendly'. We do not add any ingredients that contain gluten. So most people with a sensitivity to gluten, or those just avoiding it by preference, don't seem to have any issues eating our bars. However, we do not use 'Certified Gluten Free' oats. By definition, oats are gluten free, but there is more to it than that.

“According to the University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center, yes — oats are technically gluten-free since they aren't a type of wheat, barley or rye grain, the three groups of whole grains that naturally contain the protein gluten. Instead of containing gluten, oats actually have a protein called avenins”

However, the long answer goes more into depth than that. The oats that we use are Manitoba grown oats, many of them that are grown on our farm fields. We can’t say that 100% of the oats are from the family farm, due to the fact that all oats need to go to a federally regulated processing plant, here in Manitoba. Basically speaking, all the oats being processed in Manitoba go through the processing plant, then we have to buy them back. Which means we aren’t sure if the oats we grow are the oats we are getting back. Nonetheless, we are using Manitoba grown oats.

The certified gluten free oats process begins right from the ground. These oats need to be grown where no wheat, barley or rye grain has been grown. For the non-gluten free process, they use a sifting process which rids the oats of any wheat that is found. However, due to the size of the barley grain, it cannot be separated from the oats. So think of a bucket of oats. If the bucket is 99% oats and 1% wheat, barley or rye, and a person who suffers from celiac disease happens to eat the 1% that contains gluten, they are likely to react. Health Canada’s definition of “gluten-free oats” are oat products that do not contain more than 20 parts per million (ppm) of gluten from wheat, rye, or barley. This is why the “certified gluten free” label is very important to our celiac friends.

The next step in the process is that the oats need to be planted and harvested using equipment that hasn’t been touched by gluten – equipment that is used for ONLY these gluten free oats.

The process continues after harvest, where they can only be shipped to the processing plant using trucks that are specifically for these gluten free oats, and of course, they need to be processed in a plant that doesn’t process anything with gluten.

You might be thinking “But GORP! You see the issue, so help us Celiac fighters out!”. We hear you! Believe me, we do. As a smaller size manufacturer, with a bar that’s already packed full of expensive and high quality ingredients, we want to provide this for you! Here are the current reasons why GORP Bars aren’t Certified Gluten Free:

  1. Gluten free oats come at a higher price point, due to the extensive farming that needs to be done. Without the volume of a large scale operation, we’re afraid it will increase the price of the bars. (They currently sell for $3.25 - $3.69 per bar)
  2. We would need a new facility if we were only to make a certain amount of Gluten free bars. OR we would have to completely switch over all bars to Gluten Free oats, scrub down and sanitize the kitchen double time, but even then, traces may still be found.

So while gluten free oats aren’t in our near future, it’s definitely something we are thinking about, so that everyone can enjoy our tasty and healthy, real food, protein bars!

Hope this explains things!

We strive to make the best energy food on the planet and we want to be transparent about it, and about our struggles, successes and everything in between. Do you want to know more about us? Send your questions to :)

April 22, 2017


GORP World is Getting a New Look!

I just LOVE the concept of things coming full circle... even in the tiny ways. We just had this happen for us here at GORP!

At the very beginning of my branding and marketing journey/nightmare? (kidding. . .sort of!) I found out how intensely personal, complicated and SENSITIVE it gets when you try to impart your verbal vision to another human being and then expect them to use their magical creative gifts to create the graphic illustration of your vision! It’s TOUGH. It’s a recipe for hurt feelings, miscommunication and disappointment can run wild in the streets, not to mention the hefty price tag that comes from hours of emotionally charged communication and the process of brand creation. Over the years I have learned MANY hard lessons in this arena. I’ve learned how to become a better communicator, I’ve also learned that even though I’m not a branding or marketing expert, my dream/vision counts, and I don’t need to always lay down my ideals or bend to the “expert advice”. I’ve also learned that the experts are there for some VERY valid reasons. . .and your job is to build the rickety swinging bridge over the vast gap between your ideal brand image and reality.

Anyways! Back to full circle! At the very beginning I was told my flying tractor brand concept was immature and that nobody would relate to it. I finally had to go to a tattoo artist to get my very first flying tractor sketch. . .he was the only one who would listen. I stuck to my guns after that. .. and fought for my flying tractor. . .it’s changed and morphed over the years. .. but the Flying Tractor Philosophy is a compass for our Core Values. (see this website link for the full explanation!) I am thrilled and tickled by the irony of the fact that an INSANELY talented tattoo artist has once again come to my aid. He had the patience to sit with me for over 2 hours in a coffee shop downtown Winnipeg (Thanks Thom Bargen Coffee) and he listened to me rant and rave about my GORP World vision. I wanted him to take our GORP WORLD logo and make it come to life. . .to explode it into an inspiring encapsulation of our vision to champion mindful adventure and cultivate dignity in every interaction we have with other humans along the way. Talk about a tall order! And boy did this guy deliver! I’ve never had anyone listen to me like he did. . .and I’m SO humbled and wildly excited about what he created for us. Thanks Brian Krahn (@artofbrian) for artfully creating the platform for our brand, and for listening. Thank you for listening. Our team here at GORP can’t wait to explode our new “branding clothes” all over the place! Full circle.

@artofbrian gorp world


April 02, 2017


GORP Partners with GoodLife Fitness

Are you a GoodLife Member? Did you know that you can get (the best) online deal on GORP Bars using your Member Rewards discount code? 20% off GORP bars when you use your GoodLife promo code.

We partnered with GoodLife Fitness because we know that you are working your butt off to live a healthy life, why not have a great tasting, all natural protein bar to fill those tired muscles after a workout?!

As they say, Being a GoodLife Member comes with benefits both in and out of the gym. Login to your member rewards page to grab your GORP discount!


March 30, 2017


GORP Bars are in Explore Magazine's Live the Adventure Gear Boxes!

explore magazine gorp energy bar

Finally, a club that sends you outdoor adventure gear and increases adventure in your life the moment your first box arrives - regardless your skill level - GUARANTEED!!

The best Canadian adventure magazine, Explore Magazine has created this awesome subscription box, called Live to Adventure - full of much needed adventure goodies! Watch the unveiling of the Spring Box Here:

And guess who is a part of this spring box?? GORP Bars!! Your perfect adventure food! Why are we perfect adventure food, you ask? We think these bars are great for natural, long lasting energy; non-bloating protein keeps you satisfied, but still able to continue on that hike without stomach upset; AND our bars are re-sealable! You can take a few bites, and put it back in your backpack or pocket without it gathering lint (or whatever else is in the bottom of your backpack!)

I know you want to subscribe - and you'll also get amazing newsletters, full of places to hike, gear to use and more! We will be making an appearance in the newsletters and perhaps offering a sweet deal - maybe you should sign up now!

Need GORP in your life? Stock up HERE

March 01, 2017


Fun at the Oscars with GORP Bar!

Colleen Dyck with Beverley Mitchell (Photos by: GORP)

It may have caused a few grey hairs last week, but the Founder of GORP says their trip to Los Angeles was a success.

Colleen Dyck is Owner/Founder of the Niverville company which makes energy bars. She says they took part in a Celebrity Luxury Gifting Suite at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel in downtown 2017 02 dyck2L.A. The event was held on Saturday, one day before the Oscars.

But Dyck says the whole trip was nearly a complete embarrassment. About ten days before the event, she shipped down a pallet with all of their gift boxes intended for celebrities. But the pallet never made it to California, in fact, it never made it across the border. Dyck says it got held up in Vancouver and she has not seen it since.

That meant a second shipment needed to be put together and off it went with UPS. This time it made it to Louisiana before it was stalled by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Eventually, it was let go and before boarding their plane for California, the Dycks were told their bars should arrive at the hotel Saturday at 9 am, the exact time the event was scheduled to start.

Dyck says they flew into Fresno but unfortunately their bags missed the flight. Those bags had everything they needed for their booth, including2017 02 dyck3 the booth itself, banners and supplies. But, five hours later, everything arrived and they headed south towards Los Angeles.

By the time Colleen and husband Grant awoke the next morning, their bars were still nowhere to be found and as nine o'clock drew closer it sounded less and less likely that they would get there in time. Dyck says celebrities were already starting to line up outside the doors when her husband decided to make one last effort. He managed to make his way into the hotel shipping area where he spoke with a former UPS employee. After a quick phone call to the truck driver delivering their parcel, the bars arrived at the event just as the doors opened to celebrities.

Dyck says the days leading up to Saturday were an adventure, but the event itself was better than expected.

2017 02 dyck4"There was a really good buzz, there was about fifty vendors set up in two of the ballrooms," she says. "There was lots of press and kind of an excitement in the air as the celebrities were filing through."

GORP was there together with Peter Fehr of Gourmet Inspirations, another Manitoba company. Their booths were decked out with Canadian flags, which Dyck says was a real attraction to any Canadian celebrity. Dyck says the celebrities that were there could hit whichever booths they wanted. Just before they would visit, a handler would show a picture of which celebrity was coming, and provide a brief bio of any television shows they have starred in.

"It was super fun, everyone was really down to earth," says Dyck. "I didn't know what to expect and we had some great conversations and got to meet some really fun people."

Celebrities who came to their booth included Actor Kevin Sorbo of Hercules, Beverley Mitchell who acted in 7th Heaven, Actress Keiko 2017 02 dyck5Agena who played Lane in Gilmore Girls and Kacy Catanzaro or Mighty Kacy from American Ninja Warrior. She says it was neat to have Catanzaro drop in because of the obvious connection between her profession and energy bars.

"We definitely met some really fun celebrities and it was kind of an affirmation too that there is definitely room for our product in the States," says Dyck. "They seem to be really excited about it and really appreciated the taste and the hard work we put into it and the packaging."

By the time the dust had settled, the owner of GORP had dozens of pictures of celebrities endorsing her product. She says at first she wasn't sure if it would be worth it but says she is happy with how it ended and notes she would definitely do this again.

And, Dyck says they are already seeing early dividends. She notes their website has seen way more traffic in recent days and online sales have spiked.

Written by Shannon Dueck of Steinbach Online - See article here

February 22, 2017


GORP's Going to the Academy Awards!!

Our latest Press Release! Can you believe it?!

colleen dyck gorp bar

Local GORP Bars & Gourmet Inspirations from the “Heart of Manitoba” are headed to the Oscars!

The Great GORP Project’s Colleen Dyck, the creator of GORP Clean Energy Bar is traveling to the Academy Awards with fellow Manitoban, Chef Peter Fehr of Gourmet Inspirations, to present their products to over 150 celebrities at the Oscars!

GORP Clean Energy Bar’s Colleen Dyck and Chef Peter Fehr from Gourmet Inspirations are flying down to Los Angeles this weekend. They will be presenting their Manitoba Made products in the Celebrity Luxury Gifting Suite at the Academy Awards!

Over 150 celebrities who are attending the Academy Awards will arrive at the Luxury Gifting Suite on Saturday to taste Colleen and Peter’s unique energy bars and gourmet sauces.  There will be opportunities for photos and possible collaborations!

“Our hope is to gain some exposure in the United States, as we’ve recently launched sales there… and maybe get a photo with Ryan Gosling” says the 2016 ‘Mompreneur of the Year’, Colleen.

GORP Clean Energy Bar is an all natural energy bar made on the family farm on the Canadian Prairies. They are packed full of local super-star ingredients and contain no artificial sugars or preservatives. Each batch is rolled out by hand by the GORP team, and uses an exceptional high quality plant based protein. Colleen created the bars because she needed convenient and healthy fuel for her athletic training that should could also share with her family. Some noteworthy GORP customers include Manitoba’s own Winnipeg Jets, the Toronto Maple Leafs and Olympic athlete Raphael Gagne!

Gourmet Inspirations was established in 2013 with the purpose and goal of creating gourmet, specialty food products that are versatile, convenient, and easy to use. Gourmet Inspirations currently offers a line of delectable 5-star sauces for use at home. Flavours include Creamy Peppercorn Whiskey, Sweet & Spicy Lemon, Strawberry Balsamic with Basil, and Salted Caramel Whiskey Dessert Sauce. All products are Canadian made and contain NO nasty preservatives.

“I’m honoured to be a part of showcasing amazing local Canadian products at the Academy Awards!” says Peter.


For more information or for an interview with Colleen Dyck, contact:

The Great GORP Project



For more information or for an interview with Chef Peter Fehr, contact:

Gourmet Inspirations


The Luxury Gifting Suite is presented by Celebrity Connected. Celebrity Connected is the premiere service for creating a bridge between your business and the stars.


About Mompreneur® Showcase Group Inc.

Mompreneur® Showcase Group Inc. ( is the trusted national network that supports, educates, and empowers moms in business across Canada. With close to 20 satellite locations in Canada supporting over 17,000 women entrepreneurs, the company also includes Mompreneur® Magazine and Mompreneurs® Momentum Enterprise of Canada (non-profit) under its umbrella of properties.


September 21, 2016


Grow Hope - how GORP helps give back to those who need us

grow hope for syria


You've often heard us say here at GORP that our bars are made on the family farm. . . and indeed they are! Today we want to tell you about a pretty cool project we have going down on the farm side of things! This is the second year Artel Farms Ltd. is partnering with the Mennonite Central Committee - MCC and the Canadian Foodgrains Bank in a project called Grow Hope!

HERE'S HOW IT WORKS! We grow the crop, harvest it and sell it as we normally would. The value we give the crop is the highest amount we received for that crop on our farm. We call that giving of our “first fruits”. We donate the total amount we receive from the sale of the crop to MCC’s account at the Canadian Foodgrains Bank, where it is eligible for up to 4:1 matching by the Canadian government! Which we think it pretty amazing!

Last year we were able to donate $108,000 to MCC for food relief and agricultural development projects. After a 4 to 1 match from the Canadian Government that value grew to over $540,000! We’d like to invite you to partner with us (haven't you always wanted to be a farmer anyways??!!) by sponsoring an acre or more of our production on the farm! Did I mention farmers have more fun?;)

For more details and to donate click the link below! And PLEASE share the link! This is an amazing opportunity to not only make your donation literally go the extra mile!

Hello September. Let's ship things for FREE.

Welcome to September, where the air is crisp, clothes are cozy and nature makes some pretty beautiful scenery. (and GORP has free shipping)

Now that we've made you think of all the nice, calm things about fall, it's time to remind you that it's BUSY SEASON! Back to school, back to work, back to extra curricular activities, back to the gym (if you took summer off... it's ok, you're not alone :)) 

We are excited to bring you our Hello September 'campaign' as we call it. This includes a handful of emails from us, helping you ease into the short fall season and the long winter. Some topics include wasteless lunches, bring-to-work or school lunch recipes, tips on keeping organized, (perhaps I will share my Spotify playlist for concentration in a busy office), and a bunch of our favourite products and companies! 

If you want to be in on the action, sign up for our newsletter HERE!

Lastly - for the month of September, everything on our website will be shipped for FREE! You have enough on your plate, let us give you a break this month by making it easier to get convenient and healthy food to your door!! GORP bars, SWAG - all Free shipping for the month of September. Just use the code GORPTEMBER at checkout!

We look forward to getting organized with you!

Adventure on!! 

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